Torino Jazz Meetings – 2019

Conferences and Concerts Featuring Jazz Artists from the Region of Piemonte

FORUMS & CONCERTS – The EDIT Observatory – Piazza Teresa Noce, 15/a

Torino Jazz Meetings provide a showcase for jazz excellence in Italy’s Piemonte region. The initiative includes conferences and live performances, with the goal of developing resource networks that promote jazz at regional, national and international levels. Conferences, held in conjunction with the Torino Jazz Festival, are hosted by the EDIT Observatory, and unfold on two levels: Piemonte Jazz showcases local excellence, while Jazz in Italy puts the spotlight on networks across Italy. Performances by local artists follow a series of debates and accompany brunch.

Torino Jazz Meetings is a Piemonte Jazz Consortium project.


10.00 – 13.30 – Piemonte jazz: ”Local Excellence”
The sum of jazz resources in the Piemonte region constitutes one of Italy’s main jazz networks. 2019 marks the birth of the Torino Jazz Festival Piemonte, which stems from collaborative efforts between Piemonte Jazz and the Torino Jazz Festival. The Torino Jazz Meetings give local jazz promoters the chance to meet with institutional representatives, business people and production experts from the region.
13.30 – Brunch
14.00 – Concert: Luigi Tessarollo Trio
Cesare Mecca, trumpet
Luigi Tessarollo, guitar
Aldo Zunino, bass
Guitarist Luigi Tessarollo’s career spans three decades. Besides teaching at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milano, his work with fellow musicians Dado Moroni, George Garzone and Stefano Bollani is well known. He’ll be performing with his new band at Torino Jazz Meetings, in a lineup that includes 22-year-old Cesare Mecca (a conservatory graduate who opened at Umbria Jazz Winter Session in 2016) on trumpet and world-class bassist Aldo Zunino.


10.00 – 13.00 Jazz in Italy
Torino Jazz Meetings is proud to host Jazz in Italy, a conference and debate featuring representatives of the major Italian organizations whose focus is jazz. Proposals for networking and collaborations aimed at promoting jazz in Italy and consolidating an already thriving movement.
13.30 – Brunch
14.00 – Concerto: Daniele Ciuffreda Organ Trio
Daniele Ciuffreda, guitar
Alberto Gurrisi, organ
Daniele Pavignano, drum
Daniele Ciuffreda leads his Organ Trio in a set featuring original compositions from the group’s latest release Out On The Ninth Day, with Alberto Gurrisi on the organ and Daniele Pavignano on drums. Stunning swing, groovy beats and blues moods come together to pay tribute to some of the greatest moments in jazz history. Definitely a high point in Italian jazz.