The newly revamped Torino Jazz Festival is poised to kick off with a new cycle of live performances of great music.

This, the eleventh edition of the festival, promises to be especially rich and exciting over the course of nine days (mostly nights, actually). Denizens of the city and visitors will be treated to an array of concerts, jam sessions, marching bands, conferences and much more. Venues include prestigious concert halls and acclaimed night clubs, where music abounds the whole year round.

As always, the TJF program shines the spotlight on quality shows in classy settings, and does its part, with a series of very special performances, to celebrate UNESCO’s International Jazz Day, April 30.

This year’s conference series takes a look at some of today’s most pressing and relevant issues, inspired by jazz’s enduring global commitment to diversity and
change. Heartfelt thanks go out to all those who have worked so hard to make this festival a reality – the musicians, the technical staff and artistic director Stefano Zenni.

We also owe a great many thanks to the Italian Ministry of Culture for its support. That recognition means a lot to all of us – after so many years of unflagging commitment, it shows just how far the Torino Jazz Festival has come, pointing the way to a bright future.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Rosanna Purchia

Commissioner of Culture

Stefano Lo Russo

Mayor of Turin