23 June - ore 17:30 Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi

Uri Caine _ pianoforte, Fender Rhodes
Andy Sheppard _ tenor and soprano saxophones
Furio Di Castri _ double bass
Gianluca Palazzo _ guitar
Alessandro Romano _ drums
The Giuseppe Verdi String Quartet
Edoardo de Angelis _ violin (teacher)
Raul Roa _ violin
Giorgia Lenzo _ viola
Manuel Zigante _ cello (teacher)
Stefano Bassanese (teacher), Ilaria Lemmo, Marco Marasciuolo, Federico Primavera _ electronics



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The visions are inspired by the great British poet and painter William Blake (1757-1827) and his work Songs of Innocence and of Experience. Blake was a mystic and claimed to have had visions since the days of his boyhood. Those powerful images drove his imagination that he poured out in his paintings, drawings, poetry and philosophy. Songs of Innocence and of Experience prefigure a dual reality: innocence, representing the world before the Fall, and experience, portrayed in the season of decadence. In particular, these compositions refer to five poems: Night, Spring, The Sick Rose, Tyger, Laughing Song. Uri Caine says, “I can’t wait to get together with two great friends like Furio Di Castri and Dave Liebman, and play the music I’ve written.”

In collaboration with Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi of Torino, involving teachers and students from the Departments of Jazz, Chamber Music, and Electronic Music.