28 April - ore 22:00 Osteria Rabezzana –

Tiziana Cappellino, vocals, piano
Mattia Barbieri, drums, percussion
Alessandro Maiorino, double bass, electric bass
Javier Girotto, soprano saxophone, flutes

Presentation of Tiziana Cappellino’s latest release, Reflessi in Contrasto, coproduced by the Velut Luna record label – a blend of original compositions by the singer and pianist and all-new arrangements of songs by other artists. This set features Javier Girotto on soprano sax and flutes, and a dynamic rhythm section that gives new meaning to the concept of interplay.

Info Seating and Dinner Reservations: tel. 011 543070;
info@osteriarabezzana.it; osteriarabezzana.it;
facebook: @osteriarabezzana