01 May - ore 19:00 Cafè Neruda –

Emy Spadea, vocals
Simone Garino, alto saxophone
Nicola Meloni, synthesizers
Donato Stolfi, drums

Tencofamiglia owes its inception to an idea by vocalist Emy Spadea of Torino, who provides an all-new take on the work of classic Italian singer-songwriters. Her quartet delves into the music of Umberto Bindi, Piero Ciampi and Luigi Tenco, adding trip hop, new soul and drum and bass into the mixture, and brings it all together under the banner of jazz.

Info Seating Reservations: tel. 011253000 – 3483793726
(thursday to sunday from 5 pm); nerudatorino@gmail.com
facebook: @cafeneruda.torino