28 April - ore 18:00 Aula Magna del Politecnico

Ambra Chiara Michelangeli, viola
Francesco Diodati, guitar
Francesco Guerri, cello
Stefano Calderano, guitar

Assigned seating € 7
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As Francesco Diodati, one of the most brilliant minds in contemporary Italian jazz, puts it, “We had in mind the classic four-piece rock band, with two electric guitars instead of violins. A new kind of chamber ensemble, where individualism gives way to the group thing, which becomes the music’s central focus.” Born in the fall of 2020, tellKujira has self-produced a series of artistic residences (most notably at Area Sismica in Forlì, Italy) and toured the European festival circuit. The group focuses on improvisation and collective writing, instantaneous composition, pitch, prepared instruments, alternative tuning, electronics. tellKujira hones in on the kind of flexibility needed to mold a singular musical form composed of abstract soundscapes that range from ambient to polyrhythmic and industrial shades. A versatile blend that makes no bones about deconstructing any musical language it comes across, all within a dimension of pure listening enjoyment.