25 April - ore 21:00 Teatro Alfieri

Steve Coleman, alto saxophone
Jonathan Finlayson, trumpet
Rich Brown, bass
Sean Rickman, drums

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It’s been so long since Steve Coleman last played in Torino that we might consider this a “debut” performance. Over time, the American saxophonist and founder of the M-Base movement has blossomed as the creator of rigorously geometric music, a sort of mathematical hip-hop, which has left an indelible mark on contemporary jazz. He also dips into jazz history – Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins seemingly his faves – and explores the Latin American and African traditions that he’s studied with passion and tenacity. Coleman succeeds in putting it all together with a style all his own. His funky rhythms drive melodies and labyrinthine improvisation, which are aligned with symbology that connects the human body with biorhythms and the order of the cosmos. His band includes hardcore musicians that have stunned the American jazz scene, like trumpeter extraordinaire Jonathan Finlayson.