30 April - ore 21:30 Auditorium Giovanni Agnelli Lingotto


Stefano Bollani, piano

Assigned seating € 20 / € 15

For Stefano Bollani, music is a game to be reinvented time after time. When Bollani takes the stage with his Piano Solo, there’s only one rule: Pay tribute to the art of improvisation. Things turn out different each and every time, but the outcome is always stunning. This is a one-man show where anything can happen. There’s no set list, no program. No one – not even Bollani – knows what’s going to happen. Take your seats, but be prepared to MOVE with your mind to unexpected destinations, and gaze upon all-new musical horizons. A live, on-stage creative workshop follows the stream of musical consciousness that highlights jazz, Brazilian sounds, Renato Carosone, and songs by Stefano Bollani and Valentina Cenni from the Italian TV series Via Dei Matti Numero Zero. One thing’s for sure: When the audience votes on a medley, Bollani guarantees a blend of virtuosity and boisterous hijinks.