27 April - ore 18:00 Aula Magna del Politecnico

Roberto Ottaviano, soprano saxophone
Marco Colonna, clarinets
Alexander Hawkins, piano
Giovanni Majer, double bass
Zeno De Rossi, drums

Assigned seating € 7
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Eternal Love has its roots in African spirituality. As in prayer and/or evocation, Roberto Ottaviano’s latest work pays tribute to the proud, combative beauty of Africa and its scions, reinterpreting the music of Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, John Coltrane and Dewey Redman. In the face of hard times, Ottaviano celebrates hope and comeback for mankind. Immersed in mysticism, jazz reclaims the spirit of total music that has so often been lost along the wayside, thanks to the collective effort of an exceptionally qualified and together ensemble. Saxophonist and composer Roberto Ottaviano, voted Musica Jazz magazine’s Musician of the Year, brings decades of experience to the stage as he continues to make jazz history in Italy and across Europe.