22 June - ore 21:00 OGR Torino – Sala Fucine

Robert Henke _ 5 Commodore CBM 8032computers, mixing board, programing


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Robert Henke, the German composer and multimedia artist known for his work in electronic music, laser installations, as well as for being one of the creators of the digital audio workstation Ableton Live, presents CBM 8032 AV. The performance features 1980s computers, carefully restored and interconnected. The result is a soundscape of noise and color that blend seamlessly. Henke explains: “The attempt to use forty-year-old computers to create a concert work seems irrational and counter intuitive at first glance. Why putting an enormous effort into pushing an outdated technology to the limits? Why not exploring the vast offerings of today instead? During the three years of growing occupation with the idea and execution of the project these questions became essential and in multiple moments of doubt difficult to answer.”