01 May - ore 19:00 Laboratori di Barriera –

Giulia Impache, conductor, vocals
Luca Neri, alto saxophone
Gabriele Cappello, tenor saxophone
Igor Sciavolino, conductor, tenor saxophone
Lucio Guglielmi, toy trombone
Nicolò Bottasso, Beppe Virone, trumpet
Zevi Bordovach, piano and keyboards
Guglielmo Hardouin, electric bass
Veronica Perego, bass
Simone Farò, Jacopo Acquafresca, Filippo Gillono, Guglielmo Diana, guitar
Michele Bussone, Antonio Carcassi, Paolo Possidente, Mario Rossi, drums
Davide Vizio, electronics

A 2-part program: Part 1 presents a suite composed by Simone Farò, entitled Orcheisthai, from the Greek “to dance”, with music for an imaginary ballet; Part 2 presents Double Conduction, an instantaneous, collective composition led by a pair of conductors who create an invisible score with music that’s incandescent and visual, a balance between the informal and sallies flavored with jazz, rock and at times even techno.

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