20 June - ore 21:00 Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi

Luigi Martinale _ piano, compositions and arrangements
Stefano Cocco Cantini _ tenor and soprano saxophones
Yuri Goloubev _ double bass
Zaza Desiderio _ drums
Classwing Ensemble del Conservatorio “G.F. Ghedini” di Cuneo
Bruno Mosso _ conductor, arrangments
Nicola Dho, Luca Madeddu _ violins
Andrei Imbrea _ viola
Tommaso Cavallo _ cello
Cecilia Molinero _ flute
Sara Barroero _ clarinet
Francesca Chiesa _ french horn
Pino Ninfa _ visual artist


Pianist and composer Luigi Martinale has long been cultivating the idea of joining forces with his colleague at the Ghedini Conservatory in Cuneo, maestro Bruno Mosso. The two of them have worked for months on the scores they now present in concert: a hot blend of jazz and classical. The formula chosen by Martinale – who composed the pieces in this set – to define the project is “the creative freedom of jazz and the rigor of the classical tradition.” The marvelous “singability” of mainstream jazz merges with the classical world, and the result is timeless music. This performance also features projections of the work of Pino Ninfa, a master Italian photographer and an old TJF friend.