22 April Luoghi vari

H 11.00 Via Porpora Market;

H 12.00 Piazza Foroni Market;

H 13.00 Porta Palazzo Market;

H 15.00–16.30 tarting from Piazza Palazzo di Città, Via Garibaldi, Piazza Castello, Via Roma, Piazza San Carlo / Gallerie d’Italia

Diego Borotti, tenor saxophone
Cesare Mecca, trumpet
Gianni Virone, bass saxophone
Stefano Calcagno, trombone
Mario Poletti, banjo
Mattia Barbieri, bass drum, percussion
Alessandro Nicoli, snare drum, percussion

Lindy Hop dancing courtesy of La Bicicleta ASD

There’s no greater marching band tradition than the one that came out of New Orleans in the early 20th century. JST Jazz Parade takes its cue from the Crescent City, with an overhauled sound that combines swing and funk. This group of internationally acclaimed all-stars first came together ten years ago at Torino’s Community Hub workshops, where they founded Jazz School Torino. Collective improvisation sways from Dixieland to R&B, from cool to free.