30 April - ore 19:00 Jazz Club Torino –

Ivan Bert, direzione, concept, sound design, trumpet, electronics
FiloQ, electronics, live overdub, sound design
Paolo Porta, sax
Andrea Bozzetto, electronics
Riccardo “Akasha” Franco – Loiri, live digital video

Site-specific music for a virtual flight into a non-existent world: this is the challenge Ivan Bert and his Ensemble SJØ want to face. The band mixes acoustic instruments and live electronics, transfiguring contemporary music, pop atmosphere and jazz to go beyond. This project is inspired to the anthropologist Franco La Cerla studies about the relations among environment, architecture and human being.

Info Seating and Dinner Reservations: tel. 011882939;
info@jazzclub.torino.it; jazzclub.torino.it; facebook: @jazzclubto