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Actress, collaborator and close friend of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Laura Betti is known to music lovers mainly as a singer from the early 1960s, whose songs were as obscure as they were essential. With lyrics by poets, writers and intellectuals including Mario Soldati, Ennio Flaiano, Alberto Arbasino, Franco Fortini, Alberto Moravia, Camilla Cederna, Giorgio Bassani and Pasolini himself, these pieces laid out a new roadmap for la canzone italiana, which today for the first time is considered a true art form.

The listener’s guide to the songs of Laura Betti is courtesy of Jacopo Tomatis, musicologist, music writer and musician. Tomatis teaches Popular Music and Ethnomusicology at DAMS in Torino. He is the author of Storia culturale della canzone italiana (published in Italy by il Saggiatore/Feltrinelli).

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