18 June - ore 19:30 OGR – Duomo

Paola De Angelis
with direction of  Nicola Catalano

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“Forty-five minutes to go from Bach to Björk in six moves.” Which is the motto for Sei Gradi (Six Degrees), a radio program on Italy’s Radio3, which has aired Monday through Friday at 6 pm since 2010. Based on the theory of six degrees of separation, the program is produced by Nicola Catalano, with Luca Damiani and Paola De Angelis taking turns hosting it, and Filippo Travaglio as production editor. The creators take inspiration from the theory of Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy, lining up an incredible array of different music and breaking down barriers. At first, composers and their music might seem totally disparate, but connections – or degrees of separation – are nonetheless made, which may include shared birth dates or places of birth, shared collaborations, covers, identical titles, and so forth. It’s one big game of sounds (and societal trends).