26 April - ore 21:00 Osteria Rabezzana –

Ginger Brew, vocals
Sergio Chiricosta, trombone, shells
Guido Canavese, piano
Piero Cresto-Dina, bass
Marco Puxeddu, drums

Ghana native, Italian by adoption, and citizen of the world by her own natural inclination, Ginger Aramansa Brew began singing when she was very young, inspired by her father O. H. Kwesi Brew, writer, poet and former ambassador for Ghana.
She’s honed her skills on jazz, soul, rhythm & blues, Afro, reggae and calypso – elements distilled in the original blend that is the Starlight Jazz Quintet.

Info Seating and Dinner Reservations:
tel. 011 543070; info@osteriarabezzana.it
osteriarabezzana.it; facebook: @osteriarabezzana