29 April - ore 21:00 Piazza dei Mestieri

Gianpaolo Petrini, drums
Davide Liberti, double bass
Fabio Gorlier, piano
Claudio Bonadè, Marco Tardito, Gianluigi Corvaglia, Luca Biggio, Alessandro Data, saxophones
Luca Begonia, Mauro Brignolo, Stefano Calcagno, Walter Splendore, trombones
Pietro Giunta, Valter Valerio, Antonio Rapacciuolo, Igor Cessario, trumpet

Bernard “Buddy” Rich was an undisputed influence on anyone who picked up a pair of drumsticks from the mid-20th century on. He began playing in concert at the age of four and went on for the next seventy years. He recorded more than fifty records as a band leader. The GP Big Band, active since 1999, is known for their jazz, funk and Latin repertoire. They’ve accompanied the likes of Tony Esposito, Matteo Brancaleoni, Antonella Ruggiero and Massimo Lopez.


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