19 June - ore 17:30 Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi

Gianluca Petrella _ trombone, laptop, Moog, effects
Mirco Rubegni _ trumpet
Riccardo Di Vinci _ bass
Federico Scettri _ drums, laptop
Simone Padovani _ percussion
Blake Franchetto _ live spoken words, bass



Sold out

It seems that for years Gianluca Petrella has had his focus on interplanetary goals. He brought his Cosmic Band to the 2013 TJF. This year he is once again leading another “spaced-out” project. The Torino-based artist has for some time now been considered one of the world’s top trombonists. Petrella is a musical explorer who delves into everything from jazz to electronics, from house music to avant-garde, and even pop, as seen in his work with the Italian singer Jovanotti. Cosmic Renaissance presents a breed of sound inspired by the likes of Sun Ra, the grand master of experimental jazz who was a pioneer of Afrofuturism. Petrella’s stylistic originality melds with his band’s well-honed chops for a performance that shoots straight to outer space in a fast-paced journey through spiritual and physical realms.