26 April - ore 21:00 Teatro Monterosa

Original production

Furio Di Castri, double bass
Mauro Negri, clarinet, tenor saxophone
Achille Succi, bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Giovanni Falzone, trumpet
Federico Pierantoni, trombone
Bebo Ferra, guitar
Mattia Barbieri, drums

Assigned seating € 10

Bassist Furio Di Castri is no stranger to TJF audiences. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the death of Frank Zappa (1940-1993), he pays tribute to the master with Zapping. Original pieces and reworkings of jazz classics the way Zappa himself would have done it. An endless array of sound sparks in a mix of multiform styles. A musical project that bucks the system of genres and categories, a rediscovery of the extreme detours that only an artist like Frank Zappa could drive down. Di Castri and his new group forge a personal reconstruction of a hypothetical world, where jazz and soul grooves come face-to-face with Zappa’s transgression and humor. They build unexpected bridges that connect a mishmash of music lodged in the back of our minds.