30 April - ore 19:00 Sala 500 Lingotto

Eve Risser, composer, piano, vocals
Antonin-Tri Hoang, alto saxophone
Sakina Abdou, tenor saxophone
Grégoire Tirtiaux, aritone saxophone, qarqabas
Nils Ostendorf, trumpet, synth analogico
Mathias Müller, trombone
Tatiana Paris, guitar, vocals
Ophélia Hié, balafon, bara, vocals
Mélissa Hié, balafon, djembe, vocals
Fanny Lasfargues, acoustic-electric bass
Oumarou Bambara, djembe, bara
Emmanuel Scarpa, drums, vocals

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Eve Risser leads this hybrid band made up of European and African musicians who interact to create a vortex of sound. Melodies flow hypnotically for a nomadic listening experience that brings together body and soul. Musical boundaries become ever more porous as this multiethnic orchestra leads ears and bodies on a journey that sends the audience into a trance as the band jams and soloists take flight. A rainbow of colors musically, amid techno, West African sounds, dance and jazz.