28 April - ore 21:00 Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi

Craig Taborn, piano

Assigned seating € 10
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“The piano solo is an intimate relationship between the performer and the instrument,” explains Craig Taborn, one of today’s most original pianists. His performances may be guided by random influences that morph into themes to be expanded upon. Likewise, they may also be all-new improvisations that roll off standard riffs and wind their way to original Taborn compositions. This artist adheres to no pre-fab models. His musical exploration dates back to his teenage years, when he was given a synthesizer to fiddle with. It opened his mind to the myriad possibilities of confrontation among different expressive worlds. Craig Taborn tops the list of contemporary piano geniuses. Classical? Jazz? Whatever. He is the most refined, creative and rigorous of improvisers. His music is a magical journey, taking listeners by the hand and leading them through the colors of the piano rainbow.