29 April - ore 18:00 Bagni Pubblici di via Agliè

Maurizio Brunod, classical and electric guitars, loops
Danilo Gallo, bass
Massimo Barbiero, drums, percussions

Massimo Barbiero, Maurizio Brunod and Danilo Gallo have always placed their bets on lateral thinking. As they connect with one another, they connect with those around them and anyone who’s listening. Their technical experience mirrors their human experience. They’ve been around – around the world. For them, music, at its heart, soul and core, is uninterrupted movement. They move forward without taking shortcuts, searching for and revealing new dimensions as they go. For this trio, music isn’t something they make, but something that manifests itself. Music is “one” – often invisible confines between tradition, avant-garde, folk, rock are not torn down, but absorbed. Here they present their most recent release, Gulliver (Jando Music).


Reservation: tel. 011 5533938 email: bagnipubblici@coopliberitutti.it