24 April - ore 21:30 Educatorio della Provvidenza

Fabrizio Rat, prepared piano, effects
Stefano Risso, prepared bass
Mattia Barbieri, drums, objects

The band made its recording debut in 2012 with Barber Mouse Plays Subsonica (Auand Records). Since then, their musical research has been based on the construction of an unconventional sound, which involves spending a great deal of time in home improvement stores and rummaging through the bins at second-hand shops. The use of things like wallpaper, aluminum foil, curtain hooks, metal rods and clamps gives their prepared acoustic instruments an electronic sound, which has become the group’s stylistic hallmark. Most recently, Barber Mouse has turned its attention to reinterpreting Thelonious Monk classics.


Reservation: 011/595292 – 011-5681490 / eventi@educatoriodellaprovvidenza.it