28 April Laboratori di Barriera

Two days of jazz stories, singing and music, promoted by Jazz School Torino, located at the LABORATORI DI BARRIERA Workshops (Via Baltea), and Torino’s Barriera di Milano ward. An ongoing feast of jazz, a festival within a festival. A chance for students and teachers to show their stuff and let it all hang out. For the complete program, visit jazzschooltorino.it


H 11.00 JST JAZZ PARADE Piazza Foroni Market

H 12.00 JST JAZZ PARADE Via Agliè Public Baths

H 14.00 JST JAZZ PARADE Laboratori di barriera

H 18.00 SCALES OBSESSION, A seminar by Davide Liberti
The definition of “coloristic” musical scales, scale-chord relationships, sounds generated by modal fragments. Good practices for finding one’s way in improvisation.

H 19.00 THE WRONG MUSIC, A seminar by Daniele Tione
Misplaced accents, weird scales, dominant chords that become tonic. Mistakes become the Darwinian driver behind the evolution of musical language.

Mario Poletti, mandolin, banjo
Davide Liberti, double bass
Mattia Barbieri, drums

H 21.30 NICA
Monica “Nica” Fabbrini, vocals
Diego Borotti, saxophones
Cesare Mecca, trumpet
Daniele Tione, piano
Davide Liberti, double and electric basses
Mattia Barbieri, drums

Italian melody, jazz sound, soul or, if you will, world-music with a Mediterranean taste. Add a tight New York jungle groove, sprinkle with the dreamlike overtures of ballads. What do you get? The second album by singer Monica “Nica” Fabbrini, entitled Nica (Sounzone Editore).


Reservation: tel. 011 2074514 (mon – sat 11.00-23.00)