26 June - ore 17:30 OGR Torino – Sala Fucine

Arto Lindsay _ guitar, vocals, sound effects
Paul Wilson _ keyboard
Melvin Gibbs _ bass
Marivaldo Paim _ percussion
Kassa Overall _ drums


Special Price for Both Performances When Purchased Together with Zig Zag Power Trio €16

Arto Lindsay is one brash musician, ever poised to shuffle the deck. Born in the US and raised in Brazil, composer, singer, guitarist and producer, Lindsay took the best of both cultures and reassembled them in his own unique fashion. His music can be as tumultuous as New York no wave, having been the front man there, and as bewitching as the elegant beats out of Brazil. Lindsay will be playing material from his latest, variegated album Cuidado Madame (2017), along with pieces composed for his next release. All hail the inimitable genius of Arto Lindsay and his eclecticism that weaves together noise, electronics, melody, poetry and sensuality.

Lone Italian Date